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FREEDOM SYSTEM HD Sculpting Powder

Fiyat:  65,00 TL

Ürün Açıklaması

This mattepowder provides high pigment color concentration with translucent coverage, allowing you to shape, contour and put your best face forward. Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder diverts attention from skin imperfections by enhancing and bronzing your favoritefeatures, giving the illusion of a more structured face. Formulated with HD pigments, this Powder leavesyour face looking flawless even on the big screen. Easy to apply, it is suitable for all skin types.

Lighter colors can be used to highlight or add volume, while darker colors can shade, ultimately giving a lifting and slimming effect to the face.

Special Ingredients:

• HD Pigments: Reflects light and hidesimperfections


• J131 Cocoa 1

• J133 Cocoa 2

• J139 Cocoa 5

• J141 Cocoa 6


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FREEDOM SYSTEM HD Sculpting Powder

FREEDOM SYSTEM HD Sculpting Powder


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